Lookbook :: The Office Uniform Formula

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice 90% of my photos come from my office lookbook.  With a focus on office style, I thought I’d share a super simple formula for putting together a simple but stylish work ensemble.  So let’s get to it!

The formula is simple:

Awesome Office Ensemble = Pants + Layering Top + Blazer + Statement Necklace + Pumps


The Basics: Pants and a Layering Top

These components are pretty straight forward.  Although you can experiment with patterns, colors, and texture, for the most part I personally stick with simple, versatile pieces.


Generally I wear plain dress pants or dark colored, office appropriate jeans.  My office is denim friendly so it really opens up many more comfortable outfit options.  I love it!

My favorite dress pants are the Banana Republic Sloan or the Express Editor Ankle Pants.  The great thing about ankle pants is you can wear them with heels or flats and not worry about length where as with my old favorite Express Editor Barely Boot I would hem them long and could only wear them with heels.


Layering Top

I try to be a little more creative here but my basics are a simple scoop neck loose fitting layering tank (similar).  In the summer when it gets really warm, I think its still borderline office appropriate to wear rather than a body-hugging, bra-strap showing camisole.  I have this scoop neck tank in both black and white and they are my go-to layering tops.

This season I’ve also be including these tissue turtlenecks from J Crew which can add some shape and color since I have them in both solid colors and stripes.  You can basically use any form fitting (or not) top here.  The skies the limit!


Now for the fun pieces…

Jacket or Blazer

This is generally my statement piece and the feature of my outfit.  I own a number of different styles in various textures and colors.  You really can’t go wrong with a classic blazer.  It elevates a t-shirt and jeans without any effort!  I own similar styles to this one and this one.


Statement Necklace

The easiest way to dress up an outfit is with a statement necklace.  I own about half a dozen that each serve their own purpose.  They just add that little pop of interest and sparkle to any outfit.  This one is a total scene-stealer and this one is on my wishlist.


Killer Pumps

Nothing amps up an outfit like a pair of killer pumps!  They can either be a focal piece like these or more subdued like this classic pair. Either way, nothing scream #girlboss like a standout pair of heels.  I love these ones and have similar ones to these.


There you have it!  An easy go-to formula for a put-together, professional and stylish office look.  Hope you found this post helpful and informative.  I’d love to hear what your office go-to looks are.  Please share your comments!  🙂

Love, Tiffany


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