Welcome to Pearls & Popcorn!  My name is Tiffany and this is a lifestyle and fashion blog based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons…

  • to motivate myself to “bring it” every single day
  • to challenge myself to be creative with my style and work with existing pieces in my closet
  • to push my boundaries and get outside my style comfort zone
  • to experiment more with colours and patterns; and
  • to document my outfits over the following months, years and seasons!

My intention is to inspire others to create classic, sophisticated and stylish outfits from easily accessible and affordable pieces and hopefully provide more Canadian-friendly shopping options for my fellow Canucks.  If I can make a connection, inspire or help just one reader, I will consider this blog to be a success!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at pearlsnpopcorn@gmail.com.  I’d love for you to subscribe to my newsletter for regular updates if you’re interested.

Thanks so much for reading, friends!